“Some of you may believe that you are living the life that you want, but as time flows by, you may question yourself about that. This is not unusual, and it can happen to anyone due to unforeseen and unexpected life circumstances. In that moment you may feel disempowered. This is where Empowerment Coaching can help. Some of you may not know yet what you want your life to be. This is where empowerment Coaching can help.

– Claude Pellerin, Founder


CPL SEMINARS has its roots in the leadership roles of the construction industry, aiming to deliver hands-on education and training through Constructive Progressive Learning.


CPL SEMINARS offers “Solution Oriented Training” grounded in the principles of Duality and Causality, delineating the nuanced balance between positive and negative life elements. This approach fosters an understanding of human evolution, levels of maturity, and the dynamics of consciousness energies.


CPL SEMINARS envisions a framework that aligns individuals’ talents and inclinations, fostering collaboration in various domains such as family, recreation, sports, and workplaces, irrespective of political, spiritual, or professional affiliations.


CPL SEMINARS is dedicated to delivering education that cultivates a harmonious interplay of positive and negative energies within the paradigm of duality and causality governing human existence. Our mission elucidates the distinction between the ‘Force’ of Control and the ‘Power’ of Control, striving to define the application of balanced ‘CONTROL’ and ‘LEADERSHIP MATURITY’.


CPL SEMINARS provides “Expanded Education” through tailored Seminars and Workshops catering to the specific needs of diverse industries including construction, manufacturing, retail, and education.


Our offerings encompass Seminars and Workshops, Online blogs and reflections, Leadership training, Newsletter, and Researched and Tested Solutions.


Benefit from our wealth of knowledge and insights garnered from over 80 years of collective life experience.

Innovative Concepts:

Gain the ability to gauge your personal maturity level, recognizing its pivotal role in achieving both personal and professional success. Encourage the youth to envision themselves progressing collectively towards maturity and growth.

Long-term Goals:

Our ambition extends to reaching global audiences and making a lasting impact on individuals worldwide.


Every sport has a coaching element in it. The players all know how to play their game despite unforeseen reactive situations. Reviewing these reactive situations is where coaching improves how players play their game. It is no different with the game of life and the game of managing a business. There is a constant flow of energy from empowerment to disempowerment and back to empowerment. How well this flow of energy is managed determines the levels of stress in your life and/or your capacity to make correct decisions that promote your growth and evolution. Most people are too busy with their life to reflect on the best ways to improve their life. This is where ‘Empowerment Coaching’ brings you tremendous benefits. An empowerment coach focuses on the elements that empower and/or disempower your life. An empowerment coach listens to what you have to say and guides you to uncover your own answers that impact the flow of energy in your life.

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