“Today’s best opportunity for personal growth and success is to understand what it takes to be Self-Empowered. There are several aspects of empowerment to be aware of, such as: disempowerment, the illusions of self- empowerment, being empowered by others when we are not self-empowered to begin with, recognizing the true nature of self-empowerment, being aware of our self-teaching capacity, realizing that leadership is an automatic result of self-empowerment and the final outcome is the emergence of leaders of leaders.”

– Claude Pellerin, Founder


Every sport has a coaching element in it. The players all know how to play their game despite unforeseen reactive situations. Reviewing these reactive situations is where coaching improves how players play their game. It is no different with the game of life and the game of managing a business. There is a constant flow of energy from empowerment to disempowerment and back to empowerment. How well this flow of energy is managed determines the levels of stress in your life and/or your capacity to make correct decisions that promote your growth and evolution. Most people are too busy with their life to reflect on the best ways to improve their life. This is where ‘Empowerment Coaching’ brings you tremendous benefits. An empowerment coach focuses on the elements that empower and/or disempower your life. An empowerment coach listens to what you have to say and guides you to uncover your own answers that impact the flow of energy in your life.

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