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Claude Pellerin:  info@cplseminars.com

Who is Claude Pellerin?

Claude is the founder of Constructive Progressive Learning Seminars and Workshops Inc. (“CPL” Seminars and Workshops)

Claude became self-empowered at the age of twelve through his progressive attempts to leave home and start his life. His goal at that time was to understand all there is to understand about life. Staying in tune with his goal, books and life experience contributed to the accumulated knowledge that led to the founding of CPL Seminars and Workshops. Claude’s main career was in the construction industry, being empowered at the age of 19 to lead and manage small groups of workers. At the age of 21 was empowered as project superintendent/manager to fully lead a bridge building project with local inexperienced workers. This project confirmed his abilities to teach, mentor and make decisions with self-confidence. These abilities followed him until his retirement from construction in 2009. Retirement was just the beginning of a new career as research in understanding the underlying determinants of human behavior continued to be his passion.

His solution-oriented expertise extends into providing new insights into the realms of leadership, stress management, conflict resolution and mentoring. He believes that the younger generation will benefit from the wisdom of the elders, which is not available electronically, and the elders can benefit from the younger generation’s knowledge adaptation to the media and the constantly evolving electronic technologies.

Claude looks forward to being of service by teaching and training so that everyone benefits.