Twelve Workshop Modules of
Personal Empowerment for all Ages and Walks of Life



Moving Between


Becoming familiar

The Illusion

The Illusion: Part II

The Impact



Stress Management



The workshops will first be introduced in a one-morning seminar presentation that will outline the sequence and a brief content of the different aspects of empowerment. This forum is the opportunity for the participants to ask questions and receive answers that will stimulate their curiosity to know more. The participants will also learn that the workshops hold a component of process mapping that leads to their tailored specific needs and requirements.


Our workshop process consists of:

  • Exploring the nature of ‘DISEMPOWERMENT’.
  • Exploring the nature of ‘Self-Empowerment’.
  • Understanding the movement that takes us out of disempowerment to self-
  • Understanding the movement that sends us back into disempowerment
    without the evidence that we had anything to do with it.
  • Becoming familiar with moving in and out of disempowerment.
  • Moving from self-empowerment to leadership.
  • Seeing clearly through the illusion of self-empowerment that exists within
    the context of disempowerment.
  • Understanding the negative impact of empowering people who are not
  • Stress management method like you have never seen or heard of before
  • Empowering only those who are self-empowered.
  • From self-empowerment to leadership.
  • From basic natural leadership to becoming a leader of leaders.

Module One: Exploring the Nature of Disempowerment

Disempowerment is a natural state of being during childhood and some teenage years. Depending on the conditioning and guidance that a person receives during these years, personal empowerment may move from disempowerment to self-empowerment. It can also not move at all and remain the state of being in a person’s life until an event takes place to guide that person into self-empowerment. Some people remain in the state of disempowerment all their lives and as a result, pass away from unresolved addictions or an illness of some kind. Understanding the nature of disempowerment is what enables a person to move out of that state of empowerment and into self-empowerment. Look forward to attending this workshop to learn more.

Module Two: Exploring the Nature of Self-Empowerment

Self-empowerment is achieved by consciously taking charge and responsibility for what happens to oneself. Self-empowerment is the interaction of the intellect and feelings that awaken awareness. The permanency of self-empowerment is unstable and increases as a person matures and evolves. The reason for this instability is described in module 4. The zone of self-empowerment is the place where leadership skills naturally appear and evolve of their own volition. Eventually, leaders of leaders emerge. Look forward to attending this workshop to learn more.

Module Three: Understanding What Takes Us Out of Disempowerment and Moves Us Into Self-Empowerment

Awareness of our feelings is the answer. Awareness is dormant within the zone of disempowerment. Awareness is awakened once a person is guided to experience self-empowerment. This guidance may come from parents, educators, friends, books or life experiences. It is then a matter of being consciously aware of this phenomenon. Focusing on understanding our feelings is key. Look forward to attending this workshop to learn more.

Module Four: Understanding the Mechanism That Sends a Person Back Into The Zone of Disempowerment Without The Evidence That a Person Had Anything To Do With It

This mechanism can be explained as follows. The content of the negative feelings in the zone of disempowerment is greater than the content of positive feelings in the zone of self-empowerment. Therefore, the presence of any negative feeling overpowers the lack of positive feelings in the self-empowerment zone. This causes a person to default back into the zone of disempowerment the moment a negative feeling or thought shows up. Look forward to attending this workshop to learn more.

Module Five: Becoming Familiar With Moving In and Out of Disempowerment.

This is not rocket science, but it does require focus and attention until a person reaches that place where a person understands why they feel the way they do. The recipe is as short as: ‘Awareness leads to – focus – leads to understanding’. It requires a lot of practice to the point where a person can do it in their sleep. Look forward to attending this workshop to learn more.

Module Six: Seeing Clearly Through The Illusion of Self-Empowerment That Exists Within The Zone of Disempowerment

This scenario can only be seen clearly by a person who is familiar with moving in and out of disempowerment. The illusion of being self-empowered is a natural state of affair for a person who is anchored in the zone of disempowerment. The illusion is born from the perception and belief that a one is in charge of others and the fact that they may have attained wealth and status gives them the feeling of self-empowerment. This illusion also contains a feeling of superiority which blinds a person completely from understanding the true essence of self-empowerment. The result of such blindness causes confusion, disorganization, chaos, accidents and erroneous leadership. The people who are stuck in the disempowerment zone and are not taken by this illusion end up in victimhood from abuse and other negative behaviors. Look forward to attending this workshop to learn more.

Module Seven: Understanding The Negative Impact of Empowering a Person Who Has Not Been Exposed to Self-Empowerment

The illusion continues, and it gets worse. In the zone of disempowerment those who are taken be the illusion of self-empowerment have never been exposed to true self-empowerment to begin with and they empower people who also have never been exposed to self-empowerment. The illusion of power brings on bullying, lying, blaming, shaming murdering stealing and several other problems of society. It also leads to war and/or self-destruction. This is as dark as it gets. Is there anything a person can do to reverse this dark scenario? The answer is ‘Yes’. Look forward to attending this workshop and learn more.

Module Eight: The Impact of Empowering Only Those Who Are Self-Empowered

Only individuals who have been exposed to self-empowerment can recognize self-empowerment in others. This is where true leadership grows and evolves. Harmony, growth, happiness and peace of mind do reign in the zone of self-empowerment. Look forward to attending this workshop and learn more.

Module Nine: The Discovery of The Self-Teaching Process

Self-teaching is the method through which we learn, mature and evolve. It is a function of the intellect observing the self and its emotions. Self-teaching is sometimes done in solitude through researching and accumulating knowledge from books, movies or electronic search engines. The larger component of self-teaching is done through the different emotional experiences that we get exposed to. Understanding that self-teaching is the most important function of who we are, is what leads a person to self-empowerment. In self-empowerment, the role of teachers is minimized, and the role of way-showers is increased. Look forward to attending this workshop and learn more.

Module Ten: Understanding The Meaning of Basic Leadership Skill

There is a basic leadership skill in a natural state of self-empowerment and every person on earth has access to it once they get exposed to self-empowerment. At this stage of the game, a person understands their own uniqueness. A person knows that everyone is different so that everyone can make a difference. Look forward to attending this workshop and learn more.

Module Eleven: Stress Management Like You Never Seen or Heard of Before

Release, surrender and let go the negative feelings held within has stress disappear like dust in the wind. It opens the doors to self-empowerment so that a person may fell the freedom to grow and evolve. This method of releasing stress is simple and easy to apply once a person understands what being self-empowered means. We can all apply it here and now. Look forward to attending this workshop and learn more.

Module Twelve: Feedback, Testimonials and Graduation Celebration

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