The two sides of life are a continuous movement of CHANGE. On one side of life, CHANGE appears to be quite manageable and on the other of life, it appears that CHANGE is not an option. We resist it and we do not want it.

We are at cause for some change to take place in our lives such as making decisions to buy a house, a car and many other items we desire to have. We make decisions to get married, to have children, to take on a specific career or to excel in a specific sport. These decisions invite a huge array of high enough energies to manage CHANGE.


We are not consciously at cause for experiencing many difficult and negative events that take place in our lives such as loss of loved ones or loss of material things through fire, floods and other events. We are not consciously at cause for experiences of fear, of pain, of illness, of injustice and of victimhood. Therefore, not being at cause, disempowers us and propels us into a zone of lower energies where we lose our ability, our clarity and strength to  manage these CHANGES. This is where guidance and teachings from seminars and workshops come in handy.


“ASK ME ABOUT LIFE”, is a change management workshop which is structured from many years of research and personal life experience. This workshop explores the basic idea that the context of life is about having problems so that we may resolve them. This is how the process of personal growth and the process of evolution works. Believe it or not, the solutions to all problems are in place before the problem shows up. Review your own life, going back as far back as you can. Make notes of your reflections and you will discover this to be true.


Over and above the witnessable experiences of life, CHANGE is first and foremost an ‘emotional’ experience of life. It is by reviewing the emotional aspects of CHANGE the we get to understand how to manage CHANGE. Nothing is impossible for the inquisitive mind to understand. Guidance and masterminding can sure help the process along. The workshop is a guided process for sharing what we learn through books and life experiences and it leads to learning and understanding each our own life. It progressively gets us closer and closer to the answers to the everyday questions we may have about our own life such as: “What is happening to me? Why me? Why now? How can I change this?”, and many more. Some of us have answers to many of our questions until we are confronted with an experience we did not expect or cause. The answers to the questions we may have around that are also in place but we must diligently search for those answers. This process never stops and will keep on going until we find all the answers to all of our own questions of life.


Dear reader, I look forward to meeting you some day to make a difference in your life as you can do in mine.


My book “ASK ME ABOUT LIFE” will be released by mid-2018.